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Modern Navy Seal Bust - Iraq & Afghanistan

Part number #MNS-901B
Figure By Alan Ball
Weapon/castings By Andy Meyers

The kit comes with:
Part number #MNS-901B
(23 resin parts)
(Decals with Lead Foil)
(CNC Brass Flash Suppressor)

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(Black Brass Mounting rod)

9/11 F.D.N.Y. Fireman

Hard to believe since it seems like yesterday this tragedy happened. I wanted to honor the 343 firemen ( F.D.N.Y.) that gave their lives to try to save others in the World Trade Center that day. I was born and raised in New York City. My local fire house Engine 40 Ladder 35 lost 12 firemen that day. It hit me real hard when I found out. I went to the fire house last Christmas and told them my idea about honoring the 343 guys that died that day and they said they would be proud to have a figure like this to honor those men.




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Modern Navy Seal - Iraq

1/9 scale Modern Navy Seal - Iraq (#MNS -901)
"Limited Edition Model"

MSRP: $ 135.00 + Shipping
We also have Dealer price's too.
Sculpted by Alan Ball
Weapons by Andy Meyers
The (M4A1 gun will come with a CNC
metal Barrel & Brass Flash Suppressor
It has over 12 parts just for the gun.
the figure has over 40 parts to this kit.
Decals will come with the kit too.
(2 types of U.S. flags patches)
(All the Blood type patches)
(EOD patch)
(Pirate patch "Calico Jack" )
(2 type's of "Fun Meter" patches) The tactical poutches are all seperate from the figure so the Modeler can put them there they want. It also comes with a Base.

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M4A3 Sherman Tank

The M4A3 Sherman Tank is built at an amazingly detailed 1/9th scale. It is a one-of-a-kind model that surpasses the 
standards in the model industry. The Sherman Tank model was built entirely from scratch and took nearly 5 years to design and build! The diorama also features a detailed building backdrop and detailed rubble that the tank sets on. This model has won many "best of show" rewards at professional model contests. Including MasterCon in St.Louis and it is no surprise when you see the amazing detail and the fact that even the tank treads have over 1,000 parts! It also has the entire compartment for the driver and co-driver and part of the turret.

Bids start out at $80,000 dollars USD. Only serious inquiries please.